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Hello. You've come to the right place.

May 8th: Another commercial demo to try - This time it is Payback a fully 3D antialiased GTA style game. Try this to see just how well the GP2X can handle 3D graphics. Download the rolling demo here.

May 2nd: Craig has done a review of the new GP2X and also a summary of where the GP2X software scene stands, very well written and answers a lot of questions. Check it out.

May 2nd: On May 15th the new MK2 GP2X will be shipping, the main change is that it has a new TFT screen. All current pending orders will recieve this GP2X model, they will also get the new cap free too.

May 2nd: Another New version of GP2X MAME - Now easily the best portable version of MAME ever. Get it now.

May 1st: The first commercial game demo of Vektar is available here, you can also preorder the game - it comes with a replacment GP2X joystick cap too. If you just want a replacement cap go here.

Another commercial demo will be available next week.

April 29th: You can download firmware 2.0 here. It's recommended as its excellent :)

April 17th: Hi Everyone, we have been very busy during the last month with behind the scenes GP2X awesomeness: Commercial games, new joystick cap, firmware 2.0 (with USB host support) and a little suprise - all coming very soon :)

Just a little link to the GP2X file archive - as Ed has been working very hard on cataloguing almost every GP2X release, and has done an amazing job.

Oh and the distributor page has been updated.